Getting reviews in the App Store is so important that I’d love to add one of those spammy pop-up thingys to Picturelife’s iOS app.

When you’re fighting to succeed, it’s understandable if you go for the most effective weapon, right?

Well, we think it’s wrong and so we’re not doing it.

Instead, we posted about 7 ways to ask for App Store reviews that fit our idea of digital neighborliness.



The news broke today that Oculus is joining Facebook for $2 billion, and I couldn’t be happier for Palmer, Brendan, Nate, Laird and the amazing crew over at Oculus. Working with a team like this on a mission like this is why you work in, invest in, and love startups. As Santo wrote about, we fell…

Fantastic ride. Great lessons learned by Nabeel while it’s still fresh.

My favorite version.

One of my favorite songs.

Sung by Arlo Guthrie, one of my favorite musicians.

Harmonized by Pete Seeger.

If you want to skip to the music, go to 1:15.

If you love folk music, listen to the whole damn album. It’s one of my favorites.


Bonus: In looking for this track to share, I came across this gem. I had heard a bunch of versions, but not this: Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash singing it too.



I was sitting at The Creamery coffee shop a couple months ago with a friend, who without much segueway started raving about a local company called The Juice Shop. “Have you tried their A+ Deep Green juice? Life changing!” I was of course open to try it but their nearest location was in Cow Hollow,…

Fairly certain I am going to use this a lot. I mean, they deliver from Hill Country and Cafe Grumpy!